online mini-courses

Self Paced Online Courses for Health Savvy Individuals

Learn to think like Dr Lisa does when she works with her patients. Mini-courses are designed to walk you through the process of zeroing in on the important details without the direct help included with one-on-one consulting.

why can't I lose weight

One-Day mini-course


There are many mysteries in life. Why you’re struggling to lose weight shouldn’t be one of them. This mini-course will help you identify your why.


I started working with Dr Lisa back in 2013 during my battle with breast cancer and it has been life-changing! I feel more fit, energetic and in control of my eating habits than I ever have.

After competing as a bikini model, I rebounded into sugar addiction. I struggled to keep weight off, couldn’t sleep and had zero energy. Dr Lisa helped me gain control, keep my sanity, and keep the extra weight off while maintaining the energy I needed to perform in the gym. Now, as a personal trainer and full-time nursing student, I still use Dr Lisa’s guidance to look and feel great.